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My Thoughts And Theories On Star Wars Episode Vii - <Back To The Nostalgia Spoiler Edition>

First Posted: Dec. 23, 2015, 7:21 a.m. CST
Last Updated: Dec. 23, 2015, 7:24 a.m. CST
Warning: There are major reveals and spoilers with speculative fan theories. Read at your own risk!

Well as usual with many things there is a fanfare of two camps with Episode VII: those who liked or didn't like Star Wars. People naturally complained about the fan service and the overall reiteration of Episode IV: A New Hope. I understand where people are coming from when they say they wanted a new story, but I thought Episode VII was near perfect in direction for the reason many people opposed it. I thought I would let you know some of my feelings as I craft the next blogging episode.

Let's face it: we knew what we were getting into. An aging Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford cannot convincingly be seen as the main characters throughout all the movies. I mean we could have had Luke Skywalker and his Jedi Academy, but it isn't enough to build a story around. The only characters with a story-line worth venturing into in terms of star power for general audiences is Han Solo and Chewbacca. I don't think the original concept of Leia's twins being together would have been as convincing. I have a few theories as to why the torch, or in this case lightsaber needed to be passed and the story needed to reflect A New Hope.

1. It was a foreshadowing device- Episodes I, IV, VII all have the same theme: rising to the call to heroism though Episode I's main protagonist is really Obi-Wan. They all had old characters who had to be cut down so the struggle of being a Jedi could continue. Trust me, if they went with another story plot point, it would have weakened the feasibility of the other entries. What we don't want is winged plot points.

2. Fan service was needed- Again we knew what we were getting into with reoccurring roles. We wanted to see Han and Leia reenact their romance. We wanted to see a 2 man Sith team, though Darth Spoke doesn't sound all that intimidating. We wanted to see Han Solo pull some shenanigans and rip off some people. We wanted to see more droids and references to old movies. To complain just for the sake of complaining isn't going to do much.

3. A “copy and paste” of Episode IV was needed- And I wouldn't even call it a copy and paste. The characters motivations and goals were different and they all have different skills and abilities. I view it more as the reiteration of history repeating itself. If we went with the logic that VII the Force Awakens is a total lift of IV then we can argue that Episode I minus the Jar Jar scenes is a lifted plot devised out of Episode IV. It feels like it because it is supposed to be. Everything is coming full circle so show that the necessity of preserving the Force is needed. The title is “The Force Awakens” for a reason: the Jedi Arts were lost after Luke Skywalker isolated himself to atone for training a Jedi turned Sith. Also how it is resolved is much different in the planet wasn't blown up be Poe shooting a missle into a 2 meter ventilation shaft. It was with the older generation making that sacrifice. Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon and now Han Solo did this. And I do understand that reading someone else who wrote the same thing can be tiresome. I get it, especially with being a Ninja Turtles fan. But this reiteration was logical and necessary.

4. We needed the key figure of wisdom to die and for the inexperienced to witness this- We needed the sacrifice. Han Solo fanboys are probably venting right now because his luck finally ran out, but we needed him to die. He was the perfect person to help be the one to pass the torch to a new legacy and that's what it was all about. To see Kylo Ren betray his father in that manner after dealing with his on-screen struggle with the being converted to the Dark Side is gut-wrenchingly beautiful. He was struggling in every scene constantly questioning himself and even I at a point was wondering if he was going to let Han go or if Rei and Finn were going to save her. The very fact, we have divided camps shows how controversial this decision was and how many Star Wars purists out there viewed him as the “Golden Boy” with the uncanny luck streak. To see Kylo Ren cut him down in cold blood is what needed to be done to show his commitment to the Dark Side. And boy, this guy has some anger issues that is just pent up. Rei emerging with Jedi powers showing how he wants to be stronger than Darth Vader makes for perfect motivation.

Ok, now this is purely speculation among fans who read Lucas' Del Ray novels and were originally opposed to the whole idea of Leia's twins separated. I have something I want you all to think about: Rei and Kylo Ren could be Han and Leia twins albiet handled differently. Kylo Ren even eludes to this by mocking Rei with “Doesn't he remind you of the father you don't have?” There is another scene with the light saber and how Rei doesn't want to use the lightsaber because of her divination which is why Finn took it. There is also a scene where Han wanted to train a co-pilot/first mate and that her being stranded on Jakku had nothing to do with it. (Sure, Han. Sure.) This would be the perfect plot twist although people would accuse Abrams of lifting Episode V if he did this. We also have Leia. We know she has some capability of using the Force, but did she ever bother to undergo training? I'm going to say perhaps not. We also know the Jedi's force abilities can be passed down genetically. Han Solo doesn't come off as the ideal parent maybe there is some reason why Rei winds up on Jakku. Maybe Leia or Han didn't want that burden to fall onto her and they might have a conservative bent towards women undergoing Jedi training or maybe an accident happened which separated the two. Also this is more of a lexicographical bit of speculation, but I think there is supposed to be a tie-in. Han Solo named his son “Ben” after Old “Ben” Kenobi. Rei and Leia are going to be close when transliterated in Japanese: Leia would become Reia when Romanized and Rei would simply be Rei. I think whatever language they fabricated for the naming system follows that “L” and “R” derive at a midpoint like Japanese and Korean. It is not “L” or “R” but a sound in-between the two sound blends.

Now going further into this is Finn. We still don't know much about Finn. From what we do know is that Finn is a clone who can use the lightsaber. This destroys the whole, only Jedi can use a lightsaber theory, unless he is a Jedi. He believes in the Force and it is possible he might be a Jedi, though not on Rei's level. He would only need a Mitoclorian count in his bloodstream at birth. He was able to hold his own against Kylo Ren, despite not being able to use the force. In fact seeing him with the lightsaber threw many people into speculation about this due to mainly non-canon stuff, but remember General Grievous wasn't a Jedi either despite having a blood transfusion from a Jedi and getting a Mitoclorian count, but the theory is still alive because of his Mitoclorian count. He was consciously able to ignore orders which should not have happened. Unless they abandoned this from the canon, there were biochips installed into the Storm Trooper clones which made it impossible to disobey any Imperial orders. I highly doubt that the 1st Alliance didn't know about this premise and had more cases of such insubordination unless the 1st Alliance forgot his chip. This is not likely. He has issues with fear though, but to Luke's credit, so did he and he overcame most of his issues.

So now we have Luke Skywalker at the end and people were angry with the brief cameo. Luke needed to be more logically explained as to why he went into hiding. I don't think it was hiding for the sake of hiding. I think he was convinced to do so by his master spirits. I don't see Luke as being the type of guy to simply shirk responsibility for all those years, just because things don't go his way. I think there was a point where Luke continued the fight, formed his academy and things went downhill from there. While things where going downhill, his masters might have told him to hide out until there are worthy students to continue the cause. Anyways, let me know what you think about this in the comments section of Facebook or post your own theory on Youtube. I look forward to hearing any response to this. Merry Sithmas!

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