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Supporting Same Sex Marriage

First Posted: Dec. 25, 2015, 5:45 p.m. CST
Last Updated: Dec. 25, 2015, 11:56 p.m. CST

Rarely do I discuss political events, due to the polarizing effects many of the issues have. However, an event occurred recently, which was a culmination from years of debates, protests, arguments, disagreements, fighting and occasional pure hatred. The Supreme Court ruled that same sex marriage is to be legal in all 50 states. I understand, that even though this decision was made, the fights, protests, arguments and disagreements are far from over. The fact that this law exists, will not magically turn everyone in favor of gay rights and marriage.

To start off, I would just like to say that I fully support same sex marriage. I always have and I always will. Many people, in this country and around the world, do not. For a variety of reason, it is not embraced by many. For some, it is religion. For others, it is just out of the norm and they believe it is not natural, therefore, not a good thing. Many believe it is morally incomprehensible. A lot of people may not necessarily disagree with same sex marriage, however, they disagree with the way the Supreme Court went about doing what it did. These are just some of the many reasons a good portion of the population disagree with same sex marriage. Many of these people, are good friends of mine.

I recall the day of, and the many days after, my social media page being inundated by both rainbow shaded pictures in support of the new law, as well as anger and disagreement over what just happened. I had friends on both sides of the spectrum, though I believe the majority of them were on the side of support. As I mentioned before, I sided with the supporters. For the vast majority of my life, I have fully supported same sex marriage. I have many reasons, one of the most prevalent being that is has never bothered me. Knowing that two people of the same sex were attracted to one another, never created any thoughts of vitriol, bitterness or anger. I honestly felt nothing but happiness at the site of seeing two couples of the same sex, being overjoyed to be with one another. They truly seemed joyful, to be with one another, and I never thought there was anything wrong with that.

I do not believe that homosexuality is an immoral act. I believe that if two people truly love each other, I have no right to tell them they cannot be together. I also do not believe it is my place to say that they are not happy and try to force them into an unhappy situation for them. I have heard many of my gay friends express the physiological and emotional responses that occur when attracted to someone of the same sex, much like a heterosexual person would have towards someone they found attractive of the opposite sex. These same couples did not have any responses like this to members of the opposite sex. If a person is truly attracted to and loves people of the same sex, I support them fully and also support them getting married too.

Many people have argued whether homosexuality is genetic or a choice. For me it is a non issue. If they proved tomorrow, without a shadow of a doubt, that there is no genetic disposition to being gay, and that it is completely a choice, I would still fully support gay marriage and gay rights. Bottom line is, they are truly happy with a member of the same sex, and I believe this does not hurt anybody and does not ruin the sanctity of marriage. No one will ever convince me otherwise.

Regarding my friends who disagree with me; it is simply left at that. We disagree with each other. They have their reasons for not agreeing with same sex marriage, and I will probably never convince them otherwise. That being said, no one will ever convince me of not supporting gay rights. I will always support them 100 percent. My fiends know this; or at least the vast majority of them do, and we continue to be friends.

I would like to congratulate my gay friends for the progress they have made. All I want to say is to continue living your life with high morals. Live peacefully with those among you. Help others regularly and show them that you are good people, just like everybody else. I believe that you will continue to change the hearts and minds of people. For those whose minds you can't change, there isn't much you can do. You can't force people to have a certain opinion.

This article was written by Ankit Shukla.

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