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Why The Sixers Are The Best, And Riskiest, Bet You Can Place

First Posted: March 5, 2018, 7:56 p.m. CST
Last Updated: March 5, 2018, 9:28 p.m. CST
Ben Simmons walks through the Parting of the Red Sea for a dunk

If you’re looking to make money on a game, go Sixers. The Sixers probably have the highest volatility of any team, both in terms of upward, and downward, potential. They could possibly take out the Warriors on any given day, but they could also lose to the worst team in the NBA. Here is a break-down of the team’s strategic and structural mechanics that make it a risky, but good, bet.


With Ben Simmons playing point guard, he’s more often than not going to be going up against a smaller player. This leads to rebounds. With a pick n roll, he’s usually going to be somewhere in the paint when the ball hits the rim. This is why he’s always there to get his own rebound. Since he doesn’t really shoot from the outside, this will allow him to contribute to a height differential that wouldn’t exist if he were shooting from the outside. Of course, if they continue to give him an 8-foot cushion, and if he starts shooting from the outside, he will have tremendous potential to be able to get wide-open shots.

The Sixers are ranked 11th in the league in defensive rebound percentage.

3-Point Shooting Center in Joel Embiid

The only problem, which isn’t really a problem, except for an increase in volatility, and thus risk, is that Joel Embiid tends to take a lot of three point shots for a center. This creates great offensive potential for the Sixers, but also creates a large opportunity cost for the team, as Embiid won’t be in the paint to get rebounds whenever he’s on the outside. Of course, more open shots, with a 33% 3-point FG%, will lead to long scoring runs, since nobody is going to be able to block his shot. Except maybe a 7-foot center, who he’ll be able to take off the dribble with his quickness and footwork. Sure, he’s no Greek Freak or Aaron Gordon in terms of athleticism and mobility for his given size class, but he’s quicker than most 7-footers.


The Sixers committed 26 turnovers and blew a 20-point lead against the Bucks in a 118-110 loss on Sunday.
They are a pretty good passing team and usually a well-oiled machine, and their system, with option penetrations by Dario Saric and angle attacks by Ben Simmons, is complex, intelligent, and, usually, smooth. But when it falls apart, due to poor communication and mis-anticipation by teammates, it falls apart hard.

Sure, they lost badly to the Bucks because of this. But this is why they are one of the league’s best bets. You aren’t betting on consistency; you’re betting on potential. All they have to do is get their plays straight, and you’ve got a team that can take out the Warriors on an off-night.

Don’t underestimate the Sixers. Trust the Process, and trust their system. They have something up their sleeve, and it’s not just Ben Simmons’ jump shot.

This article was written by Brehnen Wong.

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